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The REAL story - Freeze Frame

>From P Swinson.

The new feature "Freeze still frame while inactive"  was developed
following suggestions from colorists that the client was aware of  minute
"fizz" when a still frame was in the gate, and that it has been difficult
to convince the client that during the acutual transfer this level of
"fizz" was at least an order of magnitude below the film grain, even using
5245 stock and therefore was insignificant to the transfer. (No doubt I
will get comments back regarding the "order of magnitude")

We realized that a freeze mode would remove this "annoyance" to the client.
However we also realised that we must still have a "live still frame"

To this end Freeze still frame while inactive was developed.

How does it work ?

When Ursa Gold stops AND when the communicartions of control data to Ursa
Gold ALSO stops the image is frozen.

At the instant new communication arrives at Ursa Gold the frame unfreezes
allowing live still frame operation.

This applies to ALL control parameters including the new programable
Defocus. i.e. A programmed or user  controlled focus effect is enabled in
still frame mode.

When Ursa Gold is in remote mode, as Kevin Shaw pointed out, action on a
still frame at the telecine, such as mechanical focus or opening the lower
mirror will leave the frame frozen, however any film movement , i.e.
rotating the capstan, will for the duration it is rotated unfreeze and
revert to live still frame.

Most importantly when Ursa Gold is set to local mode the freeze is disabled

The Freeze feature can, if required be defeated by switching it off on a
PCB within Ursa Gold.

We introduced this feature  to overcome a client "annoyance"objection and
not as a "let's do a CCD trick" as some have implied.

I am suprised that J C Soret got the impression at IBC that he should not
have turned the capstan. to check out how the freeze worked, I would gladly
have asked his opinion of it's benefits had I been present.

The object of the demonstration at IBC96 was to establish whether you folks
out there saw any downsides to this new feature.

Peter Swinson 
27 September, 1996