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re: Cintel Responses

Mr. Fenton wrote:

>To be perfectly honest, these days, Noise as we all know it is
>insignificant not just on the URSA Gold but also the DataCine and one could
>argue it is no longer a subject for comparison.

I can't agree that noise as we know it is insignificant.  It is, ultimately,
part of the product.  In fact, now that film grain is becoming increasingly
tighter in the newer Eastman stocks, it's conceivable that noise may become
the over-riding concern, in as much as film grain has a certain "appealing"
quality that makes film look like film, and residual noise is parasitic.
True the noise may appear insignificant with film running and a fair amount
of NR dialed in.  My belief is that less noise reduction is better than more
noise reduction.  

For those who haven't yet benefitted (or fitted) after-market products like
the TWIGi and such, the noise is there and is significant.   

As for the comparison (that I have not seen, incidentally), my intuition is
that the right-hand side of the split was not a true representation of the
Ursa Gold as I know it.  And I maintain that the Ursa Gold is indeed a
formidable tool in our arsenal and we are please with the pictures we can
extract from it.  We all strive to be better tomorrow than we are today, and
I think Cintel is more than up to that task.