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Re: Tiffen Software

Dear Jeff ("Mr.Skeptcal" Kreines),

As represenative of a minority,namely Directors of Photography, in the
Allegria, I can note that  Tiffen filters software for Cineon represent
a very important first step in "digitizing" the mind of the DP.A
Director of Photography needs to be able to communicate with
post-production people, who speak a different technical language. DPs
can now associate familiar photographic and cine terms with (new for
them) digital techniques and procedures. And it is certainly the first
step in bringing  back power of experiment, creation  and authorship of
images to the cinematographer, a person who DESIGNS Images in the first
place. "This is empowering to the cinematographer because it gives the
painter back its brushes" notes Woody Omens, former chairman of ASC, in
the Kodak newsletter FrameLine  devoted completely to the moving
cinematographers into the digital age. It is only the first step, and
the next steps will undoubtetly follow soon. It will help creative
persons i.e. DPs, directors, etc., leverage the power of the computer
and certainly will allow them to create even more magic.

Kind regards,

Yuri Neyman, Director of Photography.