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Re: The REAL story - Freeze Frame

On Sep 27, 11:23am, Peter Swinson wrote:
> Subject: The REAL story - Freeze Frame

> We introduced this feature  to overcome a client "annoyance"objection and
> not as a "let's do a CCD trick" as some have implied.
> I am suprised that J C Soret got the impression at IBC that he should not
> have turned the capstan. to check out how the freeze worked, I would gladly
> have asked his opinion of it's benefits had I been present.
> The object of the demonstration at IBC96 was to establish whether you folks
> out there saw any downsides to this new feature.

	I am happy with this new feature whether it is a "CCD trick" or not, I
see it as a "plus" for the colorist, next time I will go to you on the booth.
Thanks to David Fenton and you for clarifying.