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Re:Edwin at IBC

On Sep 18, 12:05am, Ken Robinson wrote:

> J.C. made some comments about Edwin, which I had mentioned earlier.  I
> am presuming it is based around "key in" and "key out", and allows the
> user to select the area to be effected.  Please clarify.  Thanks!
	Many of you have asked for some infos concerning Edwin, and as Da Vinci
did not post any product announcement I will give details but I must say that I
am not really qualified to talk about Edwin, I am mostly a Pogle/DCP/ESR user.
I can only tell you what I saw at IBC.
	Edwin can be added to an 888 system, it has 32 windows in one frame,
you can retouch, draw the key matte generated from the key input with a painbox
using a variable brush, you can zoom, cut, rotate, stretch, twist, move a
shape, you have primary/secondary CC in shapes but I don't know if they are all
independent. You can select, save, modify, copy groups of shapes/windows. I
mentioned that there is no automatic tracking and that the mattes have hard
edges, I was told after the show that it is not a finished product but Da Vinci
wanted to be the first one to show a graphic tool in a color correction system.
I must say I found the pencil to be nicer than the mouse to control the whole
system. I hope Da Vinci will give us more infos about Edwin also in terms of
price. I would appreciate as well comments from other colorists who have seen
	A Pandora fan giving info about Da Vinci stuff, it is world upside down
wouldn't you say ?