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Re: Tiffen Software


I both shoot, and own a telecine, so I speak two languages.  

I felt that the Tiffen filters for Cineon were devised to keep
cinematographers from learning terms that they probably need  to learn to be
conversant with future technologies.  

)) I can note that  Tiffen filters software for Cineon represent
a very important first step in "digitizing" the mind of the DP.
A Director of Photography needs to be able to communicate with
post-production people, who speak a different technical language. DPs can now
associate familiar photographic and cine terms with (new for them) digital
techniques and procedures.((

What you are saying is that the filters mean that the DP doesn't need to
digitize his mind -- because he can use Tiffen's terms instead. So in a way,
the filters keep the cinematographer from learning to speak "digital."

))"This is empowering to the cinematographer because it gives the
painter back its brushes" notes Woody Omens, former chairman((

I have nothing against the "filters", and it might be a good starting point,
but I hardly think of it as giving "brushes" back to the DP -- perhaps it
helps retain the name of "brushes" the DP is familiar with, so he at least
knows what to ask for.  But a brush is a brush is a brush, no matter what the

Iit really is more of a communications issue than a technology issue...  it's
not like these filters bring any new abilities to the Cineon, but I  that
they do establish a Lingua Franca, which can't hurt... but it's not exactly a

Best regards,

Jeff Kreines