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Re: PTR query

With regards to cleaning PTR's:

We lay out a strip of gaffer tape (gaffer tape because the adhesive used is
very strong and won't transfer itself to the roller ), on the film bench,
tape it down on both ends, and roll away a couple of times.  We do this for
each lab roll change.

I recommend buying two sets of PTR's for each film gauge, so you can have a
clean hot swap standing by.

At the end of each day, we run the PTR's through the gentle, non-drying
cycle of our dishwasher, skipping the "Cascade", and wahla! no spots.  Make
sure the dishwasher is otherwise empty.  Or else they can be washed by hand
in clean water.

Having said all of the above, I'm not sure how the newer anti-static
formulation will stand up to such abuse.  Time will tell.  

Speaking of a set of PTR's for different gauges, would it not make sense to
somehow color-code the PTR's for quick indentification, that is use a dye or
colored adhesive in the manufacture that would make them red or purple, as
well as blue or green?

Dean Humphus