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Re: Ursa Gold NT

JKreines at aol.com wrote:
> JC writes:
>> so the comparison with Spirit would be fairer as you can't see noise on a
>> still frame like with CCD.

> Wow, adding a "feature" just for pseudo-competitive reasons... seems pretty
> silly, doesn't it?

At the moment I have no noise on still frame on my URSA due to my Hush
Kit so, we go back to the original argument: get rid of the noise in the
first place and you don't need to cheat!  And anyway, don't we all know
that CCD handles some things better than CRT and CRT handles somethings
better than CCD?  I, as others am very pleased to see competition at
last.  I have a feeling that if Spirit hadn't turned up, then we
wouldn't have seen the "NT" Gold, which would have been a great pity. 
So Rank, stop whinning and go push some limits ;-)  

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