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Re: Tiffen Software corrected

Jeff,   I cannot agree with you more that "it really is more of a
communications issue than a technology issue,...but it's not
exactly a breakthrough".At least it is a start of thinking in this
direction. You probably do not know, but ASC still debating (sic!)
nesessity and reasons for the website of their own.They have a commitee,
etc. So you can imagine " a long way..." in front of many 
cinematographers. "Tiffen filters" for Cineon is a ingratiating band
aid, not even Tylenol, and situation,in my opinion, reqiures lobothomy.
Some time ago, in June, I did a presentation for Association of cinema
and video labs, about fast changing traditional roles of labs and
cinematographers in the digital age, and called up for mutual efforts in
this regards, but I didn't get any reall feedback. People still cannot
imagine that cinematography  may and will go the way  the traditional
still photgraphy went.  So at least when Cineon and Tiffen set up a
couple of computers in ASC for demo sessions it is "a ray of
light"        Regards,   Yuri Neyman