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Re: PTR query

Dean wrote:
>With regards to cleaning PTR's:

>We lay out a strip of gaffer tape (gaffer tape because the adhesive used is
>very strong and won't transfer itself to the roller ), on the film bench,
>tape it down on both ends, and roll away a couple of times.  We do this for
>each lab roll change.

Yes, Dean the use of the packing tape form  the shipping dept. is indeed
but all this -laying out of tape on the film bench sounds laborious. I have an
roller mounted on the wall next to the telecine. I just mount the PTR on that
 take a strip from the tape dispenser mounted next to the roller and wiz away
 nasty dirt,  much like  shining shoes.

Dean wrote more:
>At the end of each day, we run the PTR's through the gentle, non-drying
>cycle of our dishwasher, skipping the "Cascade", and wahla! no spots.  Make
>sure the dishwasher is otherwise empty.  Or else they can be washed by hand
>in clean water.

I love this! I gotta ask the boss for a dishwasher!! :-) But I am suprised the
of the PTR's never came out with a $2000. gizmo to clean these things quickly.
the cleaner for the balls at the golf course.
Jim Mann