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Re: Tiffen Software corrected

I don't think that there's any question that cinematography will go/has
already gone the route of stills in the post manipulation and creation of

That's why I'm in this mailing list, and why I'm leaving my hideaway in the
country to get a train for a 2.5 hour journey this morning to be at a
transfer and then come back this afternoon.

Some DPs' accept, welcome the changes, others try not to notice them.

Some will survive.......



> From: Yuri Neyman <gamma1 at loop.com>
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> Subject: Re: Tiffen Software corrected
> Date: 29 September 1996 09:24
People still cannot
> imagine that cinematography  may and will go the way  the traditional
> still photgraphy went.  So at least when Cineon and Tiffen set up a
> couple of computers in ASC for demo sessions it is "a ray of
> light"        Regards,   Yuri Neyman
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