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Cintel Responses

Hi  Evan

First let me say it will be a pleasure to meet up with you at WME -
Actually we can also talk about things more 'Eastern' that I understand you
have been involved with?

Thank you for replying to my little message on the Net and let me also say
how difficult it must be for everybody out there to do real comparisons
between our Telecine and the competition's equipment.

Of course we can all talk a great deal about the various issues between the
machines, but at the end of the day it really depends on the 'Clients' and
what they want and are prepared to pay for.

To be a little more specific, the issue of Steadiness is one of those more
difficult ones to talk about without actually doing some real unbiased
comparisons or Clients generally either accepting or rejecting work.

The fact is for regular definition Telecine work both machines must be
about similar however the Flying Spot varieties have the magnificent
benefit of being able to fine tune steadiness to quite exceptional levels
by adding different ''add on's '' either supplied directly by Cintel or
other engineering companies out there which significantly improve

Of course this ' add on ' flexibility is applicable in so many other areas
which frankly is a significant contributing factor to Facilities being able
to tailor their equipment to meet their own competitive needs in the market
- This kind of flexibility has never been available to the same extent with
CCD machines and gives the users of Flying Spot equipment the ability to
create the machine performance they need .

In our opinion the situation is not as clear when it comes to Steadiness
using CCD equipment , including the Data Cine . The requirements for
steadiness are much more exacting when working in so called 2K resolution
for input to a computer so market feedback is going to be critical in
getting that technology actually accepted. By saying this I make no comment
as to the validity of whether the machine in question is true 2K or any
other acceptable standard . In my opinion however it will not be acceptable
long term to solve this issue by getting down stream processing to steady
the image as it were.

Hope this rather large response helps and again I look forward to meeting
you at WME

Regards  David Fenton
Cintel International Ltd (as of 03:30 Saturday morning)