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Cintel Responses

Dear Dean

I take your point about relative levels of noise in Telecine and very many
thanks for your support in respect of the Ursa Gold and its performance.

My point was not to distract though from us all needing to improve the
noise characteristics of Telecine, but to say that the Ursa Gold and the
Data Cine are actually performing in this respect to a similar level.

Mind you the Ursa Gold at every show we go to does not have Noise Reduction
equipment connected, but my feedback from those in the know at IBC
certainly felt that the competitors machine showed technical
characteristics of having  built in  noise reduction. Why would they do
that is a question? Maybe someone could get the answer from them!

At the end of the day , if it makes our customers happy and our customers
clients are subsequently satisfied then you all have the opportunity to
'tweek' your machines to comply with your own individual needs by adding
available 3rd party options to the Telecine to better meet your

Twiggi and Hush kits are just two available as is a new front end upgrade
from Cintel which I believe all Ursa Gold machines have now had fitted - If
not users are strongly advised to do this immediately . 

Cintel International Ltd ( As of 03:30 Saturday ) formerly Rank Cintel Ltd
, is continuing to work on the very latest technology in so many areas to
improve  most parameters of Telecine including noise, but despite this we
just cannot do everything all at once, that is why the 3rd party companies
are so important to all of us. 

At least you can do it on Flying Spot machines so stick with it is my
advice but you would expect that from me anyway I guess.

Regards  David Fenton