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Cintel Responses

It is funny really how so many people can have different interpretations
from one story.

My very good friend Jean Clement Soret from Duboi Paris, who is well
respected by everyone in the business that knows him and an expert on
Telecine has reacted positively to our comments on the reasons for
introducing Freeze Frame and yet Ken Robinson has reacted negatively by
insisting we have added this feature, quote 
'' just for pseudo - competitive reasons '' then goes on to say, pretty

I know we can not please everybody all of the time but you all have my
assurance that we will try to please most, most of the time.

Ken Robinson is wrong but if you have it on your machine Ken, you can
switch it off.

I am also not that happy with the notion that we are cheating - I guess we
have a long way to go to please you Ken ? Got any suggestions how we can
start ?

Regards David Fenton 

Cintel International Ltd