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re: PTR query

Bruce Goldstein wrote:

>>  We at APVI use warm soapy water. We also use a product called "Tacky
>> Mat". It's original use was to be placed on the floor at the entrance of
>> "clean" rooms. We mount it on the wall next to the telecine. Stick your
>> finger through the roller and roll it on the "T.M." It does not leave
>> glue residue like some packing tapes that were suggested to us. It comes
>> in decent sizes.It has pull tabs to change sheets, when they get dirty.
>> I'll have to get further info for you next week.
>> Regards,
>> Bruce

Wow!  This is a clever idea.  Although the Tacky Mats are kind of expensive,
('bout $70 a box), because we use them everywhere here.  Thanks for the tip
What other uses of Tacky Mat are there?  Holding loops, a place to put film
cores temporarily, fly paper, pulling a prank on the colorists' favorite
chair, a bulletin board for engineering memos that never get read, schedule

Dean Humphus