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Re: The REAL story - Freeze Frame

Jean-Clement Soret recently said:

"When I tried on the stand to move the capstan with my hand to see what
effect it would produce, Cintel people looked at me like I had done
something bad."

and Peter Swinson later added:

"I am suprised that J C Soret got the impression at IBC that he should not
have turned the capstan to check out how the freeze worked, I would gladly
have asked his opinion of it's benefits had I been present."

I think I can shed some further light on this.  Both Ursa Golds in the
Cintel booth were outfitted with modified Meta-Speed Digital Servos.  Brad
Walker was requested at the last minute to add the new "Freeze Frame"
feature (which naturally is not yet part of the standard Meta-Speed
system).  We did not know how well this last minute modification would
work, and it was likely that anyone moving the capstan by hand would
capture additional attention in the booth in case this feature crashed the
new software.

It didn't, and we were thankful.

I hope that helps explain it, Jean-Clement.  You didn't do anything bad, we
were just worried that we might have.


Neil at Video Post