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Cintel International

There have been stories going around for a while now - on the Internet and
through the regular rumour mill - about the sale of Cintel by the Rank
Organisation, and consequently the company's future.  You will appreciate
how frustrating it has been for us not to be able to say anything until the
lawyers and accountants have finally ticked all the boxes and signed all
the forms.

I can now tell you, though, that Cintel has been acquired from The Rank
Organisation by Schroder Ventures.  As from today's date, the main company
based in the UK will be known as Cintel International Limited, and our
American sales and support subsidiary will be known as Cintel Inc.

Apart from the change of name, though, it is business very much as before. 
Well no, not quite: it will be business better than before.  We believe,
under our new owners, we will have the resources to maintain our position
as the world's leading company in film scanning, with more dynamic
development of future products and new markets.

Please be assured that no changes in management or operational structure
are planned.  Our customers and potential user will continue to deal with
the same familiar faces.  The hardest part, for most people, will be to
stop calling us Rank!

I am confident that this is good news for Cintel and for the post
production industry.  If you have any concerns at all about our future
discretion, then with Rob's permission I would be happy to answer the ones
I can through this forum.

Jack Brittain
Managing Director  
Cintel International Limited