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Re: PTR query

Dean Humphus wrote:
> Bruce Goldstein wrote:
> >>  We at APVI use warm soapy water. We also use a product called "Tacky
> >> Mat". It's original use was to be placed on the floor at the entrance of
> >> "clean" rooms. We mount it on the wall next to the telecine. Stick your
> >> finger through the roller and roll it on the "T.M." It does not leave
> >> glue residue like some packing tapes that were suggested to us. It comes
> >> in decent sizes.It has pull tabs to change sheets, when they get dirty.
> >> I'll have to get further info for you next week.
> >>
> >> Regards,
> >>
> >> Bruce
> Wow!  This is a clever idea.  Although the Tacky Mats are kind of expensive,
> ('bout $70 a box), because we use them everywhere here.  Thanks for the tip
> Bruce.
> What other uses of Tacky Mat are there?  Holding loops, a place to put film
> cores temporarily, fly paper, pulling a prank on the colorists' favorite
> chair, a bulletin board for engineering memos that never get read, schedule
> board...
> Dean Humphus


Gee, who told you about those other uses for the Tacky Mat???

Anyway, our mgr of engineering Steve Sabin came up with the original 
idea for PTR's and T.M. Further info for those of you that want to try 

133 Commerce St.
East Berlin, Conn. 06023

(203)828-6361  Fax: (203)828-8879
Toll Free: 1-800-828-5656
Contact: Rob Manza

18"x36" $75.50  30 sheets/mat    4 mats/case

Good Luck!

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