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Cintel is your friend


I find this truly amazing. In the 3 years I have participated in this
I can count the posts from Rank Cintel (RIP), on one hand. 

Then today, immediately after IBC, there are 5 posts in one day from
officers of Cintel.

It's always fun to watch a wild animal when its backed into a corner. I
this day would eventually come, however, I always thought that it would be
sponsored by Sony.

The future is bright.

Bob Festa                                    Festa at pacbell.net
Director of Telecin

Reply to above

It may surprise most of you to know that during the days of Rank Cintel we
were controlled in respect of contact with the outside world especially the
Press. Clearly the Internet Telecine Group can be accessed by the Press
amongst others and with regret most of us felt it prudent to keep our
mouths shut most of the time.

Under Cintel International we of course will still be prudent, but we will
all take considerable pleasure in participating in the excellent dialogue
of the Telecine Forum..

Glad you think the future will be bright, we at Cintel International also
think this.

The analogy to a wild animal being backed into a corner is a trifle
inaccurate, bearing in mind the new ownership, our need to communicate this
to our customers, and frankly many months of speculation, rumour and
downright inaccuracies that have found themselves onto the Telecine Forum.
At least we are now in a position to respond and that is exactly what we
are doing.

Finally, I hope all of our customers  involved in Telecine will appreciate
this new "look".

David Fenton
Cintel International Limited