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Re: Cintel International

))The hardest part, for most people, will be to
stop calling us Rank!((

Gotham Audio, who distributed Neumann mics in the US for many years, was
upset that older Neumann mics often bore the logo of the previous
distributor, Telefunken.  Gotham would swap housings of any mic that came
for repair, disposing of the Telefunken logo, and substituting a Neumann
logo, and even wrote letters to Telefunken owners threatening them with
"action" if they didn't change logos!

Is Cintel planning a similar activity?  ;-)

With the de-Rankification of Cintel, my guess is that the word "Rank" will
now lose brand affiliation, like "aspirin" or "xerox" and merely mean

Jeff "not wanting to rankle any feathers" K
Reply to above


We are not that paranoid.  You can call us anything you like as long as
it's nice, and I guess it's gonna take years for the
'Rank" name to be forgotten.

David Fenton
Cintel International Limited