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Cintel Responses

On 9/30/96 David Fenton Wrote :

> Mind you the URSA Gold at every show we go to does not have Noise
Reduction equipment connected, but my feedback from those in the
know at IBC certainly felt that the competitors machine showed technical
characteristics of having  built in  noise reduction. Why would they do
that is a question? Maybe someone could get the answer from them! <

Philips BTS had noise reduction on our booth because we happen to
make them. However, we had no noise reduction in use on either of the
Spirit machines at IBC, we also have no internal noise reduction inside
the Spirit.  I guess the #technical characteristic# of having noise reduction
is a total lack of electronic noise on the Spirit, well I will concede it is a
very quiet machine - thank you for the compliment.

PS who are # those in the know at IBC ? #

Steve Russell - Philips BTS