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Spirit vs URSA Gold

I would like to interject a few words to the users group on the recent
flood of comments concerning what was perceived as an unfair test of
the Spirit verses the URSA Gold conducted at IBC. Take this for what it is
worth as my preferences are obviously Spirit, as I work for Philips.

There has been a lot of speculation about the fairness of the split
screens used at IBC ect, and I do not want to get into all that again but
am concerned the group is looking at Philips as the aggressor going after
poor little Cintel well, we did not throw the first stone. For those of you
who were not at IBC, when we arrived we were all greeted by a
unusually aggressive #you be the judge# Cintel campaign using a full
page color advertisement soliciting opinions on the differences between
the Spirit and the URSA Gold. ( yes, fair or not fair Cintel asked for it ! )
Cintel were asking for a comparison to be made, and actually sending
customers to our booth to make a comparison. ( great strategy, thank
you Cintel ) then a questionnaire was filled out rating the machines 1 to 5
in many categories, this was then handed back to Cintel who then picked
a winner.  

What were the results of the Cintel survey? will Cintel publish a list of the
names of the people who entered the competition and the individual
answers on the questionnaire ? Perhaps this would be viewed as more
fair and this might in fact benefit us all, manufacturers and users alike.

We now have Spirit machines installed in various different locations, and
more being installed very shortly, I would like to ask any users, and
colorists who have used or worked with the Spirit machine to offer their
opinions and experiences to the group.

I would also like to invite anyone who wants to #judge for themselves# to
bring film and tape to WME in Los Angeles Oct. 10 through 12 and
transfer some film ( we will have digital beta and D1 available ) then take
it to the Cintel booth and transfer it there. ( they have a booth, hopefully
there is an URSA gold on it )

In closing let me state the personal attacks that have been made against
John Dowdells credibility for this demonstration are completely
unfounded.  I believe that if one were to take the time and remember back
over the years they will remember that John was and still is a very
strong supporter of the Cintel product and he has made a major
contribution to the film-to-tape process over the years.
John would not risk his highly respected reputation or allow himself to be
used in any manner which would risk this reputation.  I myself would like
to take this opportunity to express my apologies to John for all the
remarks that have been made, and let him know that we will always
appreciate his honesty and his criticism.  Without individuals like John to
drive the manufacturers, we will never move forward.    

Well I have said my bit, Bye for now.

Steve Russell - Philips BTS