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Mis quote via David Fenton

David Fenton wrote:
> It is funny really how so many people can have different interpretations
> from one story.
> Ken Robinson has reacted negatively by
> insisting we have added this feature, quote
> '' just for pseudo - competitive reasons '' then goes on to say, pretty
> silly.

The above quote was actually from J Kreines not me! But anyway, the
story that had come thru the system was generally pointing at the
competitive side of things, not as an add on feature.  This reaction had
come not only via the forum, but via private e-mail as well.  I was also
behind, due to being in the desert on holiday!  The real feeling I was
trying to
express was the fact that at last something extremely positive was
coming thru from the advent of serious competition. I am just sad that 
it has taken the Spirit to do something, it wasn't that long ago that I 
experienced negativity from your (ex) sales staff about putting third 
party products on machines that I was looking after. I can only add that 
I hope this continues and is spurred on in the name of quality,
not competition.

I am very pleased to see you writing on the forum, David.  In my
long overdue as some of us in far off countries only get the gossip and 
not the facts. 

> I know we can not please everybody all of the time but you all have my
> assurance that we will try to please most, most of the time.
> I guess we have a long way to go to please you Ken? 
> Got any suggestions how we can start?

David, as far as suggestions, I have many, but do you want them on the
or privately? The suggestions would be from my travels in the many
that I have experienced URSAs and Mk 3's.  I hope that they would be
not negative.  I also hope that they would serve as feed back that every 
manufacturer needs to improve quality.  I must add that at no time have 
I ever NOT spoken my feelings or experiences directly to either your
or sales representitives when visited!    



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