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Re: Re; Bi-packing

Jean Clement posted;

>Bi-packing is a technique that comes from optical film effects it gives
>you an internegative made of two different prints, I am not sure threading two
>prints together is something your telecine/scanner will enjoy!

I seem to remember that back in the days of cutting copy transfers
we would sometimes run Bi-packed optical elements through so 
that  Agencies would get the feel of the finished composite without
having to wait the obligatory three days.

The process usually involved shoving lumps of paper into the gate
to keep the gap wide enough for the layers of tape joins to fit and the
whole thing went horribly wrong if the elements were above a certain
length and crunched up on the take up spool.

Fast forward or reverse was out of the question and most artistic 
considerations gave way to Prayer, whilst the controls were
pushed to the end stops in order to try and produce a graded

Thanks for the reminder Jean Clement, I can't wait to try it again.!!!

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd London