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Re: Primetime

JKreines at aol.com wrote:
> I'd be curious too.  I know that Wayne Kennan was searching desperately for a
> replacement for Agfa stock for "Seinfeld" and ended up with 640T.  The show
> appears to have a bit more snap, IMHO, as I always thought Agfa was a bit
> flat unless it was an effect you were after.  Obviously this matters more for
> print release than telecine...

I'm quite sure that Seinfeld is being shot on 5298. Wayne made his
choice after testing 98 and PT side by side <g>.


PS: I saw (and transferred) quite a bit of Agfa 320/250 over the last
few years on Civil Wars and NYPD Blue. I never felt that the pictures
were particularly "flat." Of course, that has quite a bit to do with
Brian Reynolds, the cameraman who shot both shows.