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Spirit vs Ursa Gold

Like most of you I find it  interesting each morning to read the next episode in
the continuing saga of the Ursa Gold vs the Spirit.

 It appears to me as if we have a few  Spirit purchasers putting up a vigurous
justification of their purchase decisions, whilst the new look Cintel
understandably defends its entrenched market position.

Good luck to both camps. There is no doubt that the introduction of the Spirit
has provided some  healthy competition for Rank Cintel, (or Cintel International
as we now must get accustomed to calling it), and I am sure this will result in
long term benefits to all.

However, in the cut and thrust of debate we must not loose sight of the basic
fact that there is a limit to the price the client will pay for his/her
transfer. Most facilities have pitched their rate card to the highest level
their customer can afford and unless there are significant gains in terms of
either a quantum leap forward in picture quality, or breathtaking new effects,
or faster transfers,  it is my humble opinion that the customer will resist any
form of higher charge for his telecine transfer.

Whilst the Spirit has certainly provoked a lot of publicity, the messages to
this group clearly show that there is divided opinion as to the quality
differences between the two telecines. If the colorists and engineers cannot
agree, I would query if the client would be prepared to pay a higher rate for
his Spirit transfer?

Alan McIlwaine