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RE: Forcing A Frames

>Many editors are still convinced that A frames occur on 0 and 5 frames.In
>fact,many colorists as well as other post production pros still adhere to
this >line of thinking.
>This is how many facilities check their lists,by looking for non 0 and 5
>edits.And this is why so many bad shot logs get to the end users.


For ease of mind, I've always preferred starting on 0,5, and multiples of 5
thereafter, but it really should not matter what number you start on. It
ideally should be consistent (like 1,6,11...etc. ad nauseum). One well known
facility I worked at starts A frames on 01, and one of their claims to fame
was providing clean negative cut lists, and Lightworks or Avid lists. Maybe
starting on 01 is kind of like having a guitar amp that goes up to 11.  It's
one louder! (Apologies to Spinal Tap).
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video