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Now Cintel Likes Third Party Add-Ons

Sorry, but I can't help but snicker just a bit since now Cintel calls the
availability of third party options a unique advantage of their products
compared to their competition.
My understanding is that for many, many years Cintel made life as
difficult as possible for those companies who make these products, I am
sure that many products have never come to market due to their efforts to 
block innovation, to me some of the real heros in the telecine business
are those companies who persisted and make add on products superior to
the original products even with no support and Cintel trying to thwart
their efforts.
My own experience - when we bought a Mark3C used (as an end user), and
California had not "heard" about us yet... they refused to sell us parts
because they were concerned that we were a new third party accessory
manufacturer.  Even though we told them we were a new customer, it took
them more than a week to finally be convinced of it and to sell us parts
(at any price).

Even after we got an account, one time we called up and
left a message at Cintel to order a part - we never got a return phone 
call, and when our person called again we found out why.  Cintel  did
not want to sell us a part because our voice mail system says that VidiPax
is a RESTORATION company (which is true - we restore old and obsolete
format TAPES!!!!!) - and she thought that if we were a restoration company
- - of course  we restored telecines so sorry guys, no returned phone call
and no parts for you!!!!

They later apologized and explained that they have a policy of
not selling any parts to any company that makes accessories.... but with
this new Cintel policy..... I guess now everyone at Cintel and the add-on
companies  are best friends.  Fortunately I am not in that business, but I
suspect that more than one add on company finds the "new" attitude .....

I guess Cintel has learned what many companies have learned in the
computer business - open architecture is the key to long term success.
Let's hope that they have really learned that lesson - so - by the way -
exactly how does that Ursa software licensing policy work with third
policy accessories, and how exactly does one go about getting source code?

Jim Lindner
The Magnetic Media Restoration Company