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RE: Forcing A Frames

 Thank you Craig,for continuing this conversation
along logical lines.As Dean and yourself have shown
there really are people out there who understand the 
A frame and the use of edit controllers.For those friends
working without controllers as well as those like Paul
Chapman who find systems like Pogle difficult to get
optimum editing performance from,I hope this shows that the 
location of the A frame doesn't really matter.By the way Paul,
I guess your observations about Pogle explain why so many
users in LA chose to add TLC to there Pogle systems.Sounds
like the pre DUI da Vinci users were on to something.......

From: 	Craig Nichols
Sent: 	Wednesday, October 02, 1996 4:54 PM
To: 	telecine at alegria.com
Subject: 	RE: Forcing A Frames

>Many editors are still convinced that A frames occur on 0 and 5 frames.In
>fact,many colorists as well as other post production pros still adhere to
this >line of thinking.
>This is how many facilities check their lists,by looking for non 0 and 5
>edits.And this is why so many bad shot logs get to the end users.


For ease of mind, I've always preferred starting on 0,5, and multiples of 5
thereafter, but it really should not matter what number you start on. It
ideally should be consistent (like 1,6,11...etc. ad nauseum). One well known
facility I worked at starts A frames on 01, and one of their claims to fame
was providing clean negative cut lists, and Lightworks or Avid lists. Maybe
starting on 01 is kind of like having a guitar amp that goes up to 11.  It's
one louder! (Apologies to Spinal Tap).
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video

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