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Forcing A Frames (for the last time)

Dear Randy,

Paul wrote:
>Pogle (correct spelling!) does indeed have quite a good 3:2 capable 
>editor. The only down side is that since they don't TSO (or should it be 
>FSO) the capstan they are VERY sensitive to correct servo alignment. 

You wrote:
> those like Paul
>Chapman who find systems like Pogle difficult to get
>optimum editing performance from

I write:
I think Paul was saying he thought the Pogle editing was quite good.  And I
would agree that you have to slew the capstan gently to really get it right.
But you might want to have a look at the ASTEC system before you finalize
your wish list.  You might save a heap of  $$$ on a more open platform.

Dean Humphus