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RE: Forced A Frames

A bit of history.  The "0" and "5" frame rounding for "A" frame 
transfers came from a meeting quite some time ago between Time Logic 
and other vendors and customers as a method of simplifying the Dailies 
Logging process.  Certainly "A" frames may be placed starting with the 
first field of any video frame, either drop or non-drop.  Forcing the 
"0" and "5" frame timecode values made it easier to check visually.  
This method was also defined using non-drop timecode.  You could start 
out using this method for drop frame code, however, the numbers would 
drift off the "0/5" boundaries right after the first dropped frames.

There is nothing wrong with using drop frame code here either, it's 
just the numbers will not always conform to a fixed pattern "0/5", 
"1/6" or whatever.  The system should still work.

I keep hearing from customers that some non-linear editing systems 
don't "like" timecode values other than "0" and "5".  This is probably 
not entirely true, however, it is possible some software versions of 
these editing systems may be sensitive to these values.  Quite often, 
the dailies customer wants this method just to eliminate another 
variable in the complicated process.

The TLC was designed to force the "0/5" relationship while in A Frame 
mode using non-drop frame timecode.  If drop frame timecode is used, 
the A frames remain accurate, but will not have the familiar pattern of 

numbers.  There are ways of providing other relationships with the TLC 
with careful setup and using special macro keys.  You should be able to 
do this with most any version of TLC hardware or software.

The bottom line is accurate data.

Contact me directly if you have any questions.

Gary Adams