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Re: Primetime

Hi,dear telecime colorists,

It was extremely enlighting to know how DP "love to brag about "amount
of the lights used or/and unused, but frankly this area of bragging
belongs to UPM, who justify their existence by cutting almost impossible
budgets to even lowest levels. DP cares about quality of images, not
about how much lights  he will be used or/and unused.

Photogrpahic qualities of stock is a main element, not a speed, not a
temperature, nor crew comfort. I know DP who is using 10k with 5 layers
of diffusions in 1 meter away from actor, and actor was literally burnt,
but certainly effect of 10k in 1 meter distance almost impossible to
repeat with any other technique.
The stock 5298 is very "forgiving" and therefore lighting for this stock
requires almost no correlation between sensitivity of the eye and
sensitivity of the stock, which is helpfull in uncontrollable situations
as practical interiors.

The stock 5279(640T) beside the speed,has a very important advantage-
increased resolution in shadows.And when this factor is a most important
for the visual design of the show, then this a stock!

The stock 5287 is a softest stock on the market, designed primarily for
hi-contrast scenes, like barn lit by sun in Texas 12 noon in July, with
ratio almost 1:1000, then stock with ability to reproduce ratio 1:256
( 7 stops, -4/+3 from Key T Stop) became  very handy.

Today are about 22 stocks on the world market, and at least 6-7 of them
have  a unique characteristics, and those characteristics are the most
decisive factors for DP.

Kind regards,

Yuri Neyman, Director of Photography,
Gamma & Density Co.