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Re: D1 Control Track/RF Problems

Christopher Bacon wrote:"
The software changes referred to were to allow the machine to work with
slightly increased tensions around the scanner, greatly improving the
track output without the machine tripping off into high tape tension
mode.  (The sensors are extremely sensitive, and when they trip, you
get the machine to eject a tape!)  The mods were done by Sony Service in
Teaneck, N.J., and quite frankly, I am not sure which PROMs were
replaced/reprogrammed, or what else was done.  We also did the upgrade
allows the machine to make full use of the new Sony "A" stock.  When
this did
not entirely fix the CTL track problems, we adjusted back to the
higher scanner tensions through the software set-up in the service
   It seems to me that no amount of sofware is going to fix this
problem.  When the CTL track does not get recorded on tape its because
the tape is no longer in physical contact with the "in drum" CTL head.
Why this is will need to be answered by Sony (their tape  on their
machine).  Rumor has it that they may be experiencing tape packing
problems with their new tape at the factory which could lead to these
problems.  To increase the tension will do at the very least 6 things:
1) Run the risk of tripping the tension sensor. 2) Run the risk of
record RF patterns that will inhibit interchange. 3)Change the Video
Head performance. 4) Tendancy to stretch the tape. 5) May cause tape
slippage problems at the pinch roller. 6) Will keep the new tape in
contact with the "In Drum" CTL head longer.
  Some of things that Sony could do with the DVR2Ks in the
meantime(POSSIBLY?)1)  Maybe they can revert to using the Audio Head
stack CTL Head instead of the "In Drum" CTL head. 2) Go back to the
non-"A" style tape. 
 It seems that the problem is solely the new tape.  When it works it
works well with the lowest Error rates I have ever seen. The tape has
been out for around a year now and its time for Sony to resolve the
issue.  Maybe tape "B" with cassette housings that utilize the CD sensor
block.(The one that was supposed to be used for detecting different tape
thickness and coercivity, without having to check the Orange user plug
on the left side of the cassette.)  I'am sure Sony will let us know
what's up very soon.
  Manny "Just taking a guess" Cervantes