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Disclaimer!  I have not been to either IBC or NAB, I have not seen the
Spirit.  I have only read about everything via either the Forum or
private e-mail.

Having taken a large piece of paper and thought about the NT on the Gold
the following questions arise in my mind:  If you take the tube patch
and lock it at one size, the following must happen, burn correction
becomes simple and you probably wouldn't need a seperate burn
corrector.  However doesn't the vertical resolution drop?  I mean if you
send the film thru at normal speed and the patch is large, surely you
will only scan with something like 300 lines?  Having said that of
course tube life will be improved as the energy reaching the phosphur
will be much lower.  Now that you have effectively a compressed picture
you then have to <<DVE>> it back up to the correct size, won't this
enhance the granules of phosphur?  I am also guessing that aperture
correction comes in here somewhere. 

Would someone "in the know" be able to comment?????

Thank you,

(waiting for reply with fire extinguisher ready).
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