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Re: Forcing A (TLC)

In a message dated 96-10-03 15:44:45 EDT, you write:

<<  I find the 3:2 accuracy to be roughly equal to the TLC
 (i.e., correct "most of the time,,,,"). >>

As long as I am gang marking in from the film at all times, at 23.98, I have
found the TLC to be 100% (is there such a thing?) accurate.      Whenever I
have found problems, it has always been caused by external sources, e.g.
non-updated digi. betacam software (V 3.11 was the fix), or metaspeed servo
causing the TLC to lose track when running at speeds other than those the TLC
was designed to recognize, etc.      I always very carefully check the TLC's
accuracy whenever new gear is introduced into the room, or when dealing with
a new VTR---then I go with it.   It works.     Whenever I hear from someone
that "the TLC isn't working," I most always find operator error.

Jim Erickson