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138th SMPTE Technical Conference

I just wanted to remind the TIG that the 138th SMPTE Technical Conference
and World Media Expo is being held next week, from  October 8 to 12, at the
Los Angeles Convention Center.

As many of you may know, this will be the last "World Media Expo" under the
auspices of the NAB.  Next year the SMPTE Fall Conference will revert to
being independent.  It is now more than ever vital to support this
organization, as it remains one of the few places (like this forum) where
timely technical information can be exchanged in a dynamic atmosphere.

As Financial VP of SMPTE I especially hope many of you will choose to
attend this years conference.  There are several excellent and important
papers scheduled that are directly related to film imaging and video/data
conversion, as well as having related manufacturers demonstrations and
displays, etc.

A full schedule of papers to be delivered is available at the SMPTE Web site.

See you all there, and thank you, Rob, for your continued support.

Neil Feldman
Vice President, Finance

Neil B. Feldman
Video Post and Transfer, Inc.
neilfeld at imssys.imssys.com