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Re: D1 Control Track/RF Problems

>Christopher Bacon wrote:
>The software changes referred to were to allow the machine to work with
>slightly increased tensions around the scanner, greatly improving the
>track output without the machine tripping off into high tape tension

Manny writes

>It seems to me that no amount of sofware is going to fix this
>problem.  When the CTL track does not get recorded on tape its because
>the tape is no longer in physical contact with the "in drum" CTL head.
  To increase the tension will do at the very least 6 things:
>1) Run the risk of tripping the tension sensor. 2) Run the risk of
>record RF patterns that will inhibit interchange. 3)Change the Video
>Head performance. 4) Tendancy to stretch the tape. 5) May cause tape
>slippage problems at the pinch roller. 6) Will keep the new tape in
>contact with the "In Drum" CTL head longer.
>  Some of things that Sony could do with the DVR2Ks in the
>meantime(POSSIBLY?)1)  Maybe they can revert to using the Audio Head
>stack CTL Head instead of the "In Drum" CTL head. 2) Go back to the
>non-"A" style tape. 
> It seems that the problem is solely the new tape.  When it works it
>works well with the lowest Error rates I have ever seen. 

I would have to agree with Manny. I would be very wary of changing the
tension especially in D-1 land where interchange with DVR-2000 and DVR-1000
is a little touchy. I have seen a good step foward in error rate
inprovements with the A stock so I would not like to go backwards. I like
Manny's suggestion of going back to the audio head stack. I'll take my
chances with the PG phase alignments and "scanner phase mis-macth" rather
than CTL drop-outs.

Howard Lukk