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more 2nd hand stuff

Anybody out there in TV land got a DaVinci *knob* panel they would care to
sell to us at Editel. We would like to be able to substitute for the DUI
joyball panel on occasion, and we're trying to avoid buying into new "old"
technology !

I suggest that if the transaction were consummated, the buyer (us) and the
seller would split the suggested 5% donation to the TIG. Any takers?

I've also got 3 VPR3/TBC7 combos in Ampex consoles c/w monitors and scopes
for sale, and a couple of 2ks/BVT2k in consoles, just taking up space.
Offers anyone? I'd be delighted to arrange for the commission to go to the

BTW, we still haven't located a "for real" Graficon, and I'm going to have
to return the loaner sooner or later. The same arrangement as above would
suit me.

Thanks, Rob, I hope you don't mind me using up bandwidth, but I hope it
will be of benefit to this group.

Ta Ta For Now

Mike O

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