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Re: D1 Control Track/RF Problems

At 12:53 AM 10/5/96, James Lindner wrote:

>I would not be surprised to hear that if you raised the humidity that the
>problem would disappear, particularly if the RH is low  in the machine
>room normally -
>say around 30%.

Jim, you've identified one of a number of variables in this case. For
ourselves at Editel, I can tell you that we have a remarkably stable RH
throughout the main tech. areas of about 50%, due to some mechanism we are
unable to explain. But as a result, we are pretty sure that there has been
no real change in RH causing our CTL problems These have been sporadic now
for a couple of months.
It will be interesting to monitor a weather correlation here in Hollywood,
and if you are correct, when the Santa Anas start up very soon, we should
be going through hell!

BTW: we do know the Santa Anas give us a lot of static charge grief in at
least one telecine, which is in a small machine room on its own.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed info on this perplexing issue, we at
least have the slight comfort that we are not alone....

Mike O

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