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Re: Primetime

Dear Bob, 
I want just to tell you, that I merely answered question regarding DP
rational of using different stocks, witout any intention get into
discussion either re: Primetime( in my opinion it is a clear case of the
"pre-mature birth") or aestetics and needs of episodic TV cameramen.

It is impossible do not agree with you that "how the subtle nuances of
individual stocks get lost in the noise when an image is transmitted
over a poor cable system to a 1987 Sylvania with the brightness and
contrast turned all the way up".

The bottom line is that if the image has an imagintion, then it will
look good even on yellow card board or on out of tune Magnovox. No one
stock can substitute creativity and imagination, but choice of stock can
help to accelerate those intstincts and feelings.

And as per Primetime subject,I can tell you that among more thaen 500 DP
world wide using our TSC/Gamma=1 sytem of transfer, only ONE DP is using
We did a test for this DP using our GAMM A& DENSITY  telecine control
strips.Result:PRIME TIME and 5293 look almost the same, with proper
contrast ratio transfer, of course.The difference is that you can print
5293 and sell it to some markets as a print, and with 5600 PRIME TIME
you cannot.

Kind regards,

Yuro Neyman