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Re: more 2nd hand stuff

At 09:36 AM 10/5/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Anybody out there in TV land got a DaVinci *knob* panel they would care to
>sell to us at Editel. We would like to be able to substitute for the DUI
>joyball panel on occasion, and we're trying to avoid buying into new "old"
>technology !

I'm sure that you are aware that daVinci is now shipping the latest updated
control surfaces that are third generation. Why in Gods name would you want
one of these dedicated first generation knob panels from the '80's? Beside
the lack of control features, I vaguely remember these panels to be very
slow from an colorists operation perspective. Last time I checked, Editel
was still in the high turnaround short form market. If speed, efficiency,
and features are still important to you, I'd love to know your reasons for
wanting to use a door stop as a control surface.

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