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Betacam SP to 35mm film transfer

To all,

I received this question today and we don't do this kind of work. If anyone
is interested in assisting Mr. Brill, I'm sure that he would appreciate it.


P.S. If you do do(?) lots and lots of work, remember you heard about it
through the TIG.

>Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 09:15:53 -0300
>From: Otto Brill <cespe at guarany.cpd.unb.br>
>Mime-Version: 1.0
>To: julius at teknifilm.com
>Subject: Betacam SP to 35mm film transfer
>Hello! My name is Otto Brill, I work with Computer Graphics here in
>Brazil and I have this little problem converting BETACAM SP to 35mm
>movie Film keeping it's quality, I'd relly apreciate if you could tell
>me that you do this kind of convertion, if so, well, maybe we will have
>lots and lots of work ahead, if you can't do that, please give me a clue
>where I can find such service.
>Thank you very much for your time,
>Otto Brill
>Please, use this e-mail to replay: cespe at guarany.cpd.unb.br

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