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Re: more 2nd hand stuff

At 10:22 AM 10/6/96, Bob Festa wrote:

>I'm sure that you are aware that daVinci is now shipping the latest updated
>control surfaces that are third generation. Why in Gods name would you want
>one of these dedicated first generation knob panels from the '80's? Beside
>the lack of control features, I vaguely remember these panels to be very
>slow from an colorists operation perspective. Last time I checked, Editel
>was still in the high turnaround short form market. If speed, efficiency,
>and features are still important to you, I'd love to know your reasons for
>wanting to use a door stop as a control surface.

Confucius say: bad karma to question wisdom of ancients, Grasshopper!

Yours inscrutably

Mike O

Still looking for this retro "control surface", sophistical jibes

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