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Cintel at WME

Cintel Inc will be exhibiting a combination of products at the World Media Expo
in Los Angeles, October 10-12.  Booth # 321

On show will be;

Cintel's URSA Gold telecine controlled by a da Vinci  Renaissance 8:8:8.
TKG - Cintel's Film Density Reader
Keylink -  AATON'S Filmcode and Timecode Reader.

Cintel's KLONE - HiRes Scanner operating with IRON from The Foundry.
da Vinci RESOLVE..

Charisma TEN X Didital Video Effects Switcher.  Manufactured by Questech and
sold by Cintel Inc. in the U.S.

All of you are invited to come along and take a look.

Craig Risebury
Cintel Inc., Valencia.

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