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Re: Spirit vs. Ursa Gold

Hope nobody objects to another two cents on this thread...

Honestly, this Spirit vs. Ursa Gold debate is beginning to sound a little
like the eternal Saturday night Fords vs. Chevys discussion that has been
heard at every auto racetrack throughout the land since Old Dobbin got sent
to the glue factory!  I suspect Philips, Cintel, and their respective
adherents will be debating the merits of their machines for almost as long.

Philips has to be congratulated for one thing: by pushing the envelope of
telecine technology as far as they have, they made it a lot tougher for
anybody to come out with a new-and-improved video camera that might put the
film-to-tape business out in the street.  Regardless of what type of telecine
you manufacture, maintain, operate, or otherwise make a living from, you can
sleep a little easier because of that.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video

of the machine; my guess is that they went a little
too far and got clobbered by tolerances.  So having their service people
increase it slightly brought about a big increase in recorded-in control
track amplitude, and skeptical as I was, there have been no interchange
problems from users of DVR-1Ks, 2Ks, or BTS machines reported to me with the
hundreds of D-1 tapes we've sent out over the past six months or so.

Of course, you can always play with scanner and PG phase, but these don't do
much good if a valid control track wasn't recorded on the tape to begin with.
 I'd also like to point out that we had similar (though not always identical)
results with 3M, Ampex, and both the old and new Sony stock.  Humidity in our
tape machine room is closely controlled to 50% RH, 70 degress F, and while
the problems were occurring, these conditions were confirmed by wet bulb-dry
bulb hygrometer--not some dinky horsehair humidity gage.

That the tape-to-control track head contact is not all it should be in the
DVR-2K can be confirmed by gently pressing the tape against the head while
its running.  In our machines, a remarkable increase (like about 50%) in
playback amplitude was noted.  While I agree that the machine would better
off with a regular, stand-alone control track head stack in the tape path,
the machine was designed without one and there isn't much we can do about
that unless Sony decides to offer a retrofit.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video