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Re: D1 Questions

>     I don't have a humidity gauge in our machine rooms, although I'd like
>one. I do notice that in the winter time we do experience much greater
>frequency of head clogs that are also quite hard to get rid of using alchol
>and tex-wipes. As far as RH goes Sony has recomended to me that a good 40% is
>prefered. I can get a guage from Radio Shack but I'll have to see what
>reaction I get about a humidifier.

For a start I would go with a small humidifier just near the machine, it
can be one of those bionaire types for a room, $100 special keep it on low,
we are looking for a gradual change and keep an eye on it, you don't want
to go too far the other way.  Also, the radio shack model is just for this
little experiment.  To get serious there are other types that are far
preferable, personally I recommend a chart recorder for temp and rh, they
cost around $600 and show you what is going on all week long which is
extremely helpful in diagnosing what is happening.  For humidification for
your hvac you want  a steam injection system which is not really that
expensive, but accurate control is critical so that you do not over or
under humidify.

Where are you geographically located? In winter most places tend to dry
out, if this is the case at your facility it might explain a few things.
By the way, when using ISO make sure that it is the 99% lab grade, not the
drug store stuff which is cut with water, and occassionally mineral oil in
trace amounts which does not do anything inside your equipment much good.

>   I'm leary about making tention changes also but if I can maintain
>interchange I'd consider it. Hey Christopher Bacon of DuArt Video, what
>step(s) in the manual did you actuall do to increase the tentions? If you
>don't want to post them you could sent it to me dircet at Tweeker777 at aol.col.
>I will not hold you accountable for any problems I may make for myself. I
>always take plenty of notes to get myself back!
>   As far as sporatic CTL pulses go we did notice on one tape that had that
>problem recently that there were missing pulses at all edit points. Assemble
>edits, but this was only one tape that had that problem. Other assembles were
>fine from around that same period.
>    I'll let you know what happens. A Sony tech is due Tuesday the 8th.
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