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(fwd) Re: D1 Questions

I inadvertantly replied directly to Jim Lindner, who then replied =
to me.

The following is the full exchange of text:

>On Mon, 7 Oct 1996 22:55:33 -0400, Jim wrote:
>>For a start I would go with a small humidifier just near the machine, =
>>can be one of those bionaire types for a room, $100 special keep it on =
>>we are looking for a gradual change and keep an eye on it, you don't =
>>to go too far the other way.
>Then Bob wrote:
>It pays to be careful here.  Some of those home humidifiers also spit =
out a
>fine white residue (perhaps it's some mineral in the water) which could
>potentially make things worse.  Using distilled bottled water might =
>We put one of those humidifiers in my son's room some years ago, and the
>room had to be dusted three or four times as often as before the thing =
>in use.
Then Jim wrote:

agreed, distilled water certainly would not hurt, but again I am =
a very gradual change in a small area to monitor the effect (or lack
thereof) so I do not expect to be using that much water - and the =
units are pretty good in that department anyway.  By the way, what I =
predict after doing this is a reduction or elimination of the problem
because the rf output will be higher, and since this sounds like a =
that only occurs sometimes and did not occur with the other stock, the
problem is probably  that the levels are right on the edge and the =
increase will be enough to make it go away.  IF the abrasivity and the
stiffness is the same as the older stock (again I suspect that it is NOT)
than tension changes probably will not do too much to get rid of the
problem although it may reduce the incidences of them.  Sony may be
retuning tension because the new stock does have different stiffness /
abrasivity characteristics.  Ultimately I suspect that Sony will make a
formula change (they may or may not tell anyone that they did it) and
magically the problem will disappear.  One minor point (well maybe not so
minor) is that over time it is quite possible for the problems to get =
after long term storage as output gradually drops - considering that this
problem may be being caused by the output being marginal when the stock =
new -, so I would be particularly carefull to make protections on the
masters if the material is valuable from a long term perspective.  One
other point, often response will IMPROVE after tape has been used once or
twice because the tape has been burnished which will improve performance.
Until the problem is resolved it might be a good idea to have it go =
the transport a couple of times, perhaps record basic , and then hard
record basic again.  These are band-aid type solutions, but the =
of them may be enough to make you life a little less difficult.

Jim Lindner
The Magnetic Media Restoration Company
vidipax at panix.com