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D-1 Tape Tensions


I would prefer not to divulge the exact details on how we increased our tape
tensions in our DVR-2100s for a few reasons.  First, I have no idea how many
different software versions there are for the 2K, so there is no way I could
know how yours will respond.  Second, it is neither directly documented by
Sony, nor do they support it, and I don't want anybody to get into a bad
situation with them.  Finally, if something went wrong, you could possibly do
a lot of damage to a machine and/or a tape in it, and not to be rude, but I
just don't even want to hear about that sort of thing.

Essentially, the programming of the machine's NOVRAM (in which such
parameters as tape tension are stored) is covered in the Theory of Operation
section of the manual.  The book does not give the addresses, BTW, we just
"hacked" it until we found the one that did what we wanted.

There are no published specifications for tape tension in the D-1 format.  I
would not even attempt to measure tensions on these machines unless the
temperature and humidity conditions are right, and the tape being used has
been acclimated to the same conditions for several hours.  Although it
probably isn't the recommended procedure, a Tentelometer may be used in a
couple of places on the DVR-2K transports if you are careful; near the
entrance side of the scanner, tension measures about 20 grams with the
machine in out-of-the-box condition.  By contrast, the BTS machines use 40
grams of tension, according to what one of their service engineers told me.  

Christopher Bacon