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more 2nd hand stuff

At 06:14 PM 10/8/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At the risk of getting a certain appendage whacked, I'll say something
>about this.

Don't worry about getting your appendage slapped, I've had mine wacked a few
times over this "opinion" myself.

>I am not real fond of the Joyball approach. Why, to few controls in too big
>a space. You have to toggle through some menus to change them out and
>resolution just isn't "right". The knobs, I grab, tweak and roll. Its
>really a personal type thing as you indicated your fondness for the

This really is a personal preference, and for me to pontificate about the
state of control surfaces was out of line, and mildly rude to Mike Orton
(the elder statesman of telecine). My public apologies to Mike. That's the
last time I answer a post on a Sunday Morning before the requisite amount of

That said, I'm sure that you know the joy ball configuration is software
adjustable in both control resolution and vector direction. The amount of
mail I have received from other senior members of the list appears to be in
favor of joy balls. The opinion seems to be that many colorists prefer them
since they ape the original Cintel joy sticks of old. IMHO, I still think
nothing gives you a working picture faster than joy balls.

>By the Bob, do you really play the.........uhhhhhh.......Cello? (I'm
>ducking just in case I missed on the instrument name)

I wont hold you responsible for interpreting bad Macintosh advertising
layouts, but its an upright bass. Jazz is my flavor.


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