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re: solvents

Rob Asked:

>Is there anything new happening in the world of solvents for film
>Specifically, is there an effective, economical, 'safer' alternative to
>Perchlorethylene yet?

We have contacted a company called Advanced Chemical Designs who make a
product called Borothene, supposedly a drop-in replacement for 1,1,1 trich.
It is a non-CFC, halogenated hydrocarbon with "low toxicity and good
cleaning properties".

I reviewed the MSDS and other properties, and the specs show 1,1,1 and
Borothene to be very similar.  

We sent the company some film for analysis and we're still awaiting results
from that test, mainly to see how the film behaves after repeated immersion
and drying.  The chemist I spoke to said the solvent can be altered to
render the properties needed for cleaning triacetate and polyester based

They can be reached at:

Advanced Chemical Deigns
498 South Belvoir Blvd.
South Euclid, Oh. 44121
(216) 382-2032